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Project Description


The ASTAR Project aims to develop creativity for self-empowerment, healing and transformation through art programmes for adults, youth and children.

The objectives of The Astar Project are to:

  • Initiate effective and sustainable art programmes in a variety of contexts such as community centres, prisons, rehabilitation and trauma centres, and homes for refugees, senior citizens and orphanages
  • Form partnerships with organisations that can incorporate creative art programmes for self-development and healing into their work and curriculum so that the objectives of both organisations are aligned and can be met
  • Ensure skilled and professional facilitation with ASTAR- trained facilitators in all contexts.

The ASTAR Project is founded on the principles of non-judgement, trust, integrity, collective participation and respect for self and others. The organisation strives towards transparency, accountability and good governance.

  • Partnered in Sept 2017

  • Project Supported: TAP Personal Development Art Course (part of the Seeding Futures Programme 2017 offered by SEED)

  • Lindy Solomon | Cape Town