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Project Description


Stellenbosch University:

The FVZSI for Student Leadership sets out to inspire students to be conscious actors in the world by contributing to thought leadership that fuels new ways of responding to where we are as a nation and as a continent. One of the primary mechanisms that the FVZSI uses is the development and facilitation of courses that build students’ leadership capacity.

JustLead Course:

With a strong focus on student activism and social change in South Africa, this course provides participants with rich insights into a variety of global and local contexts. The course addresses the historical South African context and current challenges, such as patriarchy, decolonization and change. Using this knowledge, participants are encouraged to engage with society differently.

The five central themes of the course are:

  • Colonisation, apartheid, and African identity;
  • Understanding the South African Constitution as a charter for transformation;
  • Social justice and skills for social change;
  • Change leadership and conflict management; and
  • The media and its social impact.

This particular course has been developed to address pertinent issues identified during the recent and current student-led protest activity in South Africa, notably the Fees Must Fall campaign. The course is targeted at South African university students who are passionate about leadership and justice. It explores civil society activism centring on both persuasion and protest as successful strategies for addressing injustice. The course also explores leadership, what it means to be an agent of social change, and how to mobilise others in collective action.