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Project Description


Jessica was fortunate to take part in The Amani Institute’s Social Innovation Programme in 2013. The experience provided her with the opportunity to work and study with a diverse group of people from all over the world. It broadened her mind, opened new possibilities and gave her the courage to pursue a career that was aligned to her values and talents. The foundation strongly believes in Amani’s vision of ‘creating a world without boundaries’ and their work in educating professionals in the non-profit sector.

  • Partnered in May 2017

  • Projected supported:
    Ushindi Scholarship Fund: Set up in memory of Siegfried “Ushindi” Rossmueller, a fellow who unexpectedly passed away in Dec 2014. His love for Africa, the arts, and the ocean live on in this scholarship that supports Amani Fellows who fit any of these criteria: a) from an African country; b) an artist; c) working on the environment.

  • Roshan Paul | Brazil, Kenya and India

The Amani Insititute’s mission is to develop professionals who create social impact by creating new models of education and training that enable people to develop new practical skills and experiences for their professional toolkit, a personal understanding of their own leadership journey, and the global networks necessary for long-term career success. All this while simultaneously reducing the high cost of a world-class global education.

As a result, they build much-needed talent and capacity in organizations addressing social problems, thus enabling more effective operations across the entire social sector.