• "I believe that every individual has a responsibility to help guide our global family in the right direction. Good wishes alone are not enough; we have to assume responsibility.

    Large human movements spring from individual human initiatives. If you feel that you cannot have much of an effect, the next person may also become discouraged, and a great opportunity will have been lost. On the other hand, each of us can inspire others simply by working to develop our own altruistic motivations – and engaging the world with a compassion-tempered heart and mind."

    Dalai Lama (1935- )
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  • "While human ingenuity may devise various inventions to the same ends, it will never devise anything more beautiful, nor more simple, nor more to the purpose than nature does, because in her inventions nothing is lacking and nothing
    is superfluous."

    Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)
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  • "In natures economy the currency is not money it is life. Whatever happens to seed affects the web of life. Seed is not just the source of life. It is the very foundation of our being. In the seed and the soil, we find the answers to every
    one of the crises we face. The crises of violence and war. The crises of hunger and disease. The crisis of the destruction of democracy.

    In traditional agriculture, the soil is the mother. She's the mother who gives, to whom you must give back."

    Vandana Shiva (1952– )
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  • "In an epoch of criticism ideals are lowered; other feelings take the place of veneration, respect, adoration, and wonder. Our own age thrusts these feelings further and further into the background, so that they can only be conveyed to man through his every-day life in a
    very small degree."

    Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925)
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  • "Unless you learn to face your own shadows, you will continue to see them in others, because the world outside you is only a reflection of the world inside you."

    Carl Jung (1875-1961)
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  • "Glance at the sun. See the moon and the stars.
    Gaze at the beauty of earth's greenings.
    Now, think.

    What delight God gives to humankind
    with all these things. . . .

    All nature is at the disposal of humankind.
    We are to work with it.
    For without we cannot survive"

    Hildegard von Bingen
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